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Help for 'general-combat'


Combat, in general, can be very simple. Once you start it, the MOO handles much of the work. Your stats and skills will be rolled against your opponents. Damage, chance to hit, chance to block, etc. It's almost all handled by the system.

In combat, you can hit, miss, counter attack, block (or be blocked). If your attack is blocked, then your opponent may get a free attack (counter-attack). Check the other help topics for info on specific areas.


Combat is about your characters stats, skills and preparation. By preparation we mean the amount of time you've put into practicing the actual mechanics of fighting (changing postures, how different weapons work, what actions to take in different situations), as well as how much preparation you've done by devoting UE to skill and stat points.

It also means your gear. Armored clothing can reduce your damage. Cybernetics can augment your stats and skills. Ace Kool (friends) can get your back. All of these are things you should consider carefully, practice, and refine over your years on Sindome.

help combat
help advanced-combat
help ue
help stats
help skills
help posture
help cloning
help death
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