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Help for 'grapple'

Syntax: grapple

This is a very detailed feature of Sindome. It can be used both inside combat and outside combat.

Regardless of whether you are in combat or not, if you are holding someone, you can type 'free ' to release them. Likewise, if you are being held, typing 'resist' will attempt to escape from their hold.

Outside of Combat:

Grapple can be used to hold a person, keep them in a room, or to drag them around. There are other commands associated with grapple that can be used when someone is being held as well, such as the 'force' verb on vehicles.

Inside of Combat:

In combat, grappling can be an effective tool towards victory. If you're engaging someone, and proceed to grapple them, you will automatically attempt to strangle them. After several rounds of successful strangle rolls, they may pass out. In which case, you may do with them as you please. The fight is ended.

However, if there are multiple people engaged in a fight, grappling can be used to hold someone in place or even to use someone as a human shield. If you are holding someone, there is a chance they will get hit with attacks aimed at you. Any attacks aimed at them have a very high chance of hitting, however, they may hit you instead of the person you are holding.

Grappling someone (and being grappled) decrease the fatigue score of the grappler and the victim.

help fatigue
help combat
help kidnapping
*Last Updated: 01/15/19 by Fengshui*
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