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Help for 'grid'


The grid is the dome-wide network that entails most of the
communications in the game. This includes grid phones and
the grid itself, which is the domes internet network.

To access the grid network you will need a grid enabling
device; this can be any of the public street terminals as well
as one of the few varieties of private terminals you can buy. With a
private terminal you will require SIC signal to maintain a
connection to the grid.

Point your browser to:

At the top of the page you will see the navigation bar for the
entire website. At the very right you will see login and signup.
Click Login and enter website account login details (that you
used when you signed up for your account). At this point
if you have not claimed your character you will need to do so.

Reset Website Account Password:

From the 'Your Characters' page, click 'Access Grid' for the
logged in character. Your characterwill need to be logged in to the
game and not using a disguise to log in to the website.

Click on Access Grid, and if your character is logged in to
the game and you have SIC signal you should receive a prompt to
log in to the grid. If you have made a grid account already
simply fill in the details you provided when creating the
account. If you have not made an account to link your SIC to a
grid account click on register below the login button. Simply fill
out the details for your account as you desire them. Completing
this will log you in to the grid under the alias you have chosen.

Remember, grid access requires your player to be logged in,
SIC signal, a grid accessible device, and for you to not be making
use of a disguise with your character. If you are still having
trouble after double checking all of these things try clearing your
browsers cookies.

Note: Illegal or Super-User activities on the grid must be learned
via IC means. This helpfile is just for basic access and
understanding of the grid and its functions.
Connection Info


PORT: 5555

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