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Help for 'guns'


There are various types of firearms available (see 'help weapons' for specific categories).

To use your firearm, you must be holding it. You will automatically use your firearm if you attack another person, or are attacked by another person while holding the firearm.

There are two different ways to 'snipe' at other characters from a distance. First, you can be on a street and shoot into the next room. This is done by holding the weapon you wish to fire and aiming at the direction with which you want to shoot: 'aim at '

At this point, you must look in the direction you wish to shoot and 'shoot with ' to attempt to shoot them. Depending on how crowded the street is and the awareness of your target, you may or may not hit them.

The other way which you can shoot someone is from a rooftop. You must first aim over an edge: 'aim at edge'. You can then look over the edge, or just look if you have a scope, and 'shoot with '. The same rules about hitting apply.

Gun modifications (see below) are able to improve (or decrease) a weapons ability to hit a person from a distance as well as the damage that it will inflict.

In order to use a firearm, you must load the correct ammunition. Once the ammunition runs out, the firearm will stop working until it is reloaded. You can tell when a firearm's chamber is empty, or how many bullets a magazine has, simply by looking at it.

If you have two magazines of ammo, both partially used, you can transfer your ammo from one magazine to the other. This will empty the first magazine and add ammo to the second. If there are too many bullets, the remainder is kept in the first one.

Firearms get dirty with use, which may increase if you're in a dirty environment. A dirty firearm is more likely to jam and stop working. Cleaning and unjamming firearms require the appropriate tools and skill proficiency, as well as the ability to dismantle and assemble the firearm.

Weapons can be modified in a variety of ways. This requires specific skills, gun mods, and a gun that can support the modification. Modifications can do a variety of things, including lengthening or shortening a barrel, adding a scope, adding a silencer and more.

There are laws about firearm ownership and licensing that you can find out about in-game, though it is common knowledge that a firearm must be purchased from a legal vendor and licensed with the HoJ in order to be legally carried. Selling a privately owned firearm that is licensed must be facilitated through a Judge. Licenses are not granted to everyone. Find out the restrictions ICly.

help weapons
help attack
help aim
help stats
help skills
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