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Help for 'hairstyle'

Most rented housing larger than a cube comes with an Auto Style 5000, allowing you to give yourself any hairdo you want, instantly. No waiting to grow hair out necessary.

First, use 'examine here' to check if the hairstyle command is available.

Second, type 'hairstyle me'. Assuming your device is functional, eight menu options for 'HAIR BASE', or length, will appear. Select your preference. If you choose 'bald', the styler will stop there, removing all your hair. 'Dreadlocks' is an option for any length of dreadlocks.

Third, the section for 'HAIR DETAILS' will prompt you with a list of ten options for hair texture or style, from straight to parted to messy and even braided or pigtailed.

Finally, you will be prompted for 'HAIR COLOR' with fifty different colors to choose from, ranging from jet black to bright white and a large variety in-between.

When you are finished you will get a message about using the Auto Style 5000, deftly controlling the device as it gives you a new hairdo. Note that different bases, details and colors will be noticeable to varying degrees relative to other characteristics or clothes your character possesses, affecting whether your hairdo appears in your shortdesc.

Your @stats will change the 'Natural Hair:' entry to 'Modified Hair:' and replace the message accordingly to reflect your usage of an Auto Style 5000. Remember, you can always change your style despite this, including back to your natural one, simply by using the Auto Style again. There is no command to revert to your natural style automatically.

Once you are done, remember to update your @naked head to account for the new hair style. Here you, can get as creative as you want as long as the coded style approximates what you're trying to describe, within the limits of reason. You can include as much additional detail as you want and even use accessories.
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