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Help for 'health'

Syntax: health / ht

This command will allow you to check your health and the health of others. With no arguments it will tell you your own health.

Every character has a health message that shows up when you look at them. This command shows just that message. Your health message is a general estimate of your condition and how close to death you are.

If your health drops to zero you will fall unconscious or, under some circumstances, enter a death state (see 'help @fatal'). If you are unconscious you are completely defenseless. You can be robbed, or have your neck snapped. You do not see what is happening when you are unconscious. You will wake back up on your own after a short amount of time (usually 10-60 seconds) as long as no one snaps your neck.

If you enter the 'death state' you can consider yourself flatlined. Your heart has stopped. There is a chance that you could still be brought back from this if you are treated by a skilled doctor, but the more time that passes, the less likely this is to succeed. The death state is otherwise like being unconscious.

If you pass through the death state without being revived or your neck is snapped, you are really, really, really, dead. The only way you are coming back is if you have a clone or someone clones you from your corpse (see 'help cloning').

Health recovers slowly while awake or asleep (disconnected). There are means within the game (Doctors, clinics, cybernetics, nano-surgeons, and more) to get yourself healed up faster but you can expect to pay. Some diseases will prevent the natural recovery of health until healed.

help combat
help @fatal
help cloning
help death
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