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Help for 'hotel'


Hotels are a perfect way to find shelter when you haven't acquired an apartment yet. There are hotels both in Red and topside with a limited number of rooms for rent. Those rooms are often equipped with minimal commodities and aren't designed for long-term stays compared to regular apartments or flats, as well as being marginally riskier to stay in one.

Every hotel has a "rent kiosk" in its main lobby. To rent a room, you must type "push rent on kiosk", and follow the prompt. Hotel rooms, unlike apartments, are paid on a daily basis. The kiosk will ask you how many days you want to rent the room for and then it will give you a code and your assigned room number depending on availability.

You can memorize this code using the "memorize" command so that you don't forget it. To use your code to access your new room, you must find the room in the corridor of the hotel and type "push in ". For example, if your code is 85kM3 and your door is C14, type "push 85kM3 on C14" to unlock the door, so that you can open it and enter. To exit your cube, you need only type "push open on out" to unlock the door.

'push on ' to UNLOCK the door (this merely unlocks it, not opened yet).

'open ' to OPEN the door (the door must be unlocked).

'go ' to ENTER or EXIT your hotel room.

'close ' to CLOSE the door (the door must be open). This automatically locks the door.

You can also type "examine here" once inside to view all the commands available in the hotel rooms.

If you've forgotten your code, there's no need to fret. Simply talk to the person in charge (usually the NPC standing in the lobby) and tell them that you've forgotten your room code. They will automatically tell you your code if you have one but be wary, somebody might be eavesdropping!

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