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Help for 'how to contribute'

If you've got something you'd like to contribute to the player written help files, all you've got to do is write it up and send it to Be sure to let us know it's for player written help in the subject line or something.

If you'd like to volunteer your time on a regular basis to write help, you can be outfitted with a command that lets you do so. Offer up your services over the command 'xhelp' and you might just be taken up on the offer. If you've already got the Spelling Corrector feature, the command is 'sethelp '. If you're reading this as an administrator, your commands are @edit-help and @save-help.
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Video: Initial Signup

Walk through signing up for Sindome and getting started with your first character!

Video: IC vs OOC

Learn what IC and OOC mean, how they effect you, rules you should be aware of, and more commands you should know.