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Help for 'ic'


Roleplaying is a large part of Sindome. There are, however, times that you will want to say things that your character may not say or that may be outside the realm of the game. That is why the In Character (IC) and Out of Character (OOC) statuses are important to know.

While IC or In Character, anything that you do or say is done on behalf of your character and therefore is subject to the IC responses of others. If you are OOC or Out of Character, you are speaking as yourself, not your character.


@ooc - Leave the IC world and step out of the game. Characters will disappear from the room with a notification that they have gone OOC.
@ic - Return to the IC world, characters will reappear with a notice of having returned from OOC.
afk - Makes an OOC notification to the room that the player is AFK, however, their character remains in place and vulnerable.
akg - Makes an OOC notification to the room that the player has returned from being AFK.
ooc - Speaking out-of-character.
ooc to - Speaking out-of-character to a particular player.


afk - Makes an OOC notification to the room questioning if another player may be AFK.
akg - Makes an OOC notification to the room questioning if another player has returned from AFK.

Local OOC (LOOC)

Local OOC is a useful tool for players, however, LOOC is not a system that is intended for general chatter about IRL happenings, what you had for dinner last week, or what color your dog is. Some useful and correct uses are:

To assist new players with getting their footing in the game.
To offer immediate command assistance to someone that is struggling to use a command.
To let a player know something may be a @bug and to assist them in submitting it.
To let someone know their @LP is wrong or is missing some punctuation.
To let a player know you're going to be AFK for a moment.
To communicate with any staff in the room that you are in.
To ask another player to Fade-To-Black.

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