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Help for 'immigration'

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There are two types of immigration into Withmore City.


There is the typical immigration that all new players and most new characters go through, where you come in through the main gates and start the game in the mix.


If you have played Sindome for a year or longer, you can request Corporate Immigration with your next character. There are several caveats that make it so you are not guaranteed approval.

1. You must get staff approval
2. There needs to be a job you interview for available, which is not always the case
3. We need to believe you can handle it.
4. Please note that game balance will also impact whether you are allowed to play a corporate immigrate. You can't all be corpies at the same time!

If you would like to go after corporate immigration please follow these steps:

1. You dead, GO LIGHT.
2. Get staff approval for corpie start, including picking out a POTENTIAL job you MAY get upon arrival at the city.
- You basically start with an interview scheduled.
- You and the GM(s) will work out what job your character will be immigrating to Withmore City to interview for.
3. Go through chargen
4. Do not enter the city
5. Submit a history
6. Upon approval of history: Submit a service request for a CORPIE IMMIGRATION
7. You will be teleported to Corporate Immigration
8. Proceed towards your new life as a corpie in the domed city!

If you need to log off before the staff has had time to approve your history and process your service request, please let them know via XHELP. This way they can move your character to a safe location by celling them and there is no chance of them being robbed or dragged off to some unsafe location.

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