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Help for 'job'


ICly: A wide variety of businesses service the citizens of Withmore City. Many of these businesses depend on the hard work of their employees. They pay varying wages and will have a varying degree of expectations. Corporations are going to want resumes (these can be printed from devices you can purchase or they can be drafted as gridmail (see help gridmail') on the grid network and sent to HR representatives). Corporations will conduct interviews and expect their employees to conduct themselves as 'good upstanding citizens'. This tends to mean you're clean, dressed well and do not associate (openly) with those who live and work in less savory parts of the city (The Mix).

Having a job topside does not make you a corpie. Working in a job designated as 'corporate' corporation makes you a corpie. You can work a service level job (bartender, janitor, etc.) on Gold, and still be a mixer.

OOCly: Sindome is about RPing, interacting with others. Your job performs two duties in support of this: it provides you a stable means of income to fund your misadventures and new opportunities for RP. These opportunities come in the form of new characters (is your boss a dick?), new challenges (solving a murder case?) and unexpected situations (perhaps finding a black book of names while cleaning the streets?).

We never want you to feel bored because you've 'gotta do your job'. You will ICly be asked for things and not doing them can have IC consequences, but we never intend for you to feel we've asked too much. For example, if you're a journalist/reporter for the Withmore Globe, you'll usually be asked to write a short article once a week. But if you couldn't OOCly do that, we'd have no problem working with you to push you toward a job that more fits your IC availability and OOC skill set.

There are some jobs that require more work than others. A TV Producer is an example of a job that requires a fair bit of work and roleplaying. On the flip side, a job as a janitor requires merely roleplaying most of the time.

We try to be clear (ICly or OOCly) about the jobs that require a lot of IC work on the part of your character (and you, the player). These jobs typically require training in tools or game systems, as well as having the actual @stats to make it make sense for your character to have the job. You can lose a job for not performing the job adequately.


Before you find your way to continuing employment, you'll likely want to take advantage of the various businesses and individuals who are willing to pay you for work on a case by case basis. There are quite a number of these. Some will require you to do unsavory things. Those unsavory things might have consequences. Working for one group might put you at odds with another. Not all of these opportunities will come from GMs puppeting NPCs or NPCs responding automatically. The most profit is going to come from one-off opportunities with other players. Talk with the characters around you to find work.

Bartenders are good people to ask about one-off jobs when you are new to the game.


You'll find you must have an approved history before the GMs will let you get hired at a full-time job and that automated opportunities will tell you the same thing. Most opportunities will work a limited number of times and might require you to come back tomorrow or next week. You'll also find that after a point, everyone will tell you to come back after Friday. This weekly cap on automated earnings does not apply to player to player transactions - this means doing biz with other players is where your big money is going to be. It pays to RP.


We encourage and support characters employing other characters. If you work for another character this job could be very lucrative, or it might not. We (the staff) have no control over that.


If you're going to take a break from the game, stop playing for a while (or forever) and you have a job, we ask that you leave a note and let us know. This allows us to recognize you'll be on a short break, or will be gone forever, and redirect roleplay that would have been sent to you, to others. If you don't do this, and you come back to the game, and try to get your job back, or get another job, your character will potentially be subject to the IC repercussions for ghost quitting your job. Which could affect if you are hired for another role at the same corp/faction or another. PLEASE let us know if you're taking a break, or don't plan to play the game anymore, or need a vacation or something. You should also let your boss ICly know, the same way you might IRL.


See help weekly earnings cap for more information on the earnings cap and how it impacts you.

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