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Help for 'judge'


Judges are the law in Withmore City. Empowered by the City Council, beholden to the Corporations, they act as Judge, Jury and Executioner. For more detailed information please ask ICly or visit the Wiki (below).

The Free-State of Withmore has a unique legal system, having both a Code of Militant Justice and a Corporate Law Act.

For any crimes outside of sovereign corporate facilities, the Code of Militant Justice is upheld by the Withmore Justice Force. The punishments include (but are not limited to) fines, prison, iso-cubes, clone death, banishment, and even cryo-prison, depending on the crime and severity of it.

For crimes committed inside sovereign corporate facilities, for example in the NeoTrans Spaceport or the VS Tower, corporations can exercise their own law and punishment according to the Corporate Law Act. This ranges from searches, ejections, arrests and even execution if the situation requires it.

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