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Help for 'jump'

Syntax: jump off edge
       jump across edge
       shove off
       attach to
       unsecure from
       descend from
       cut on

There are times you may find yourself on a rooftop. Rooftops have edges. You can interact with edges in a variety of ways.

Looking at an edge is easy. From a rooftop type 'look edge'. At this point, you will see a view off of the edge toward the ground. You will also be shown any rooftops you might jump across the gap below you, to reach. Be warned that jumping off/across rooftops can be dangerous and result in death.

You can jump off an edge, which will cause you to fall rapidly to the room you see when you look off the edge. Doing this without proper equipment (paraglider) will cause damage or death.

Some edges have corresponding edges across from them on another roof. In these cases, you can 'jump across edge' to try to reach that rooftop. This is NOT guaranteed to be successful and if it's not you will fall.

You can also shove people and some items off of rooftops. You are not guaranteed to succeed and in a rare case where you critically fail you may fall off the edge instead. The syntax for shoving something is 'shove off edge'.

There are certain items (such as grappling hooks) that can be attached to an edge, either from the roof or from the ground, and then ascended or descended.

Jumping off/across rooftops is DANGEROUS. Your character may not be able to successfully jump across roofs. The success of your jump would depend on how fast your character can sprint and jump across or how strong your legs are for them to spring you across to another roof.

Depending on how high the rooftop is, you might take enough damage to kill you. You can also shove people off rooftops.

There are items in-game (paragliders, grappling hooks) which make moving across rooftops easier or possibly safer. Some items, like paragliders, require a skill (piloting) while grappling hooks require a certain skill level.

help skills
help stats
*Last Updated: 09/07/19 by Mench*
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