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Help for 'kidnapping'


Kidnapping someone, or locking someone in captivity, is an acceptable but restricted role play. You cannot hold someone indefinitely, the limit is 24 hours. The only acceptable reason to hold someone beyond 24 hours is with both the captives and a GMs approval.

As the captor, you are expected to regularly RP with a captive (every hour or two at a minimum) during their time in captivity. If you cannot live up to this expectation, or you do not plan to RP with them, the maximum time is 3 hours.


Sindome is a roleplaying game, and removing someone from the general flow of the game removes them from that roleplay. This can be fun and interesting for a time, and even necessary for some plots (eg. you need to remove Bob from the streets to convince people that he permed so you can get access to his aerodyne for a plot).

However, it quickly becomes OOCly unfun for the person being held captive. You must keep this in mind if you are going to hold someone captive even for a short period of time.


Judges are trained ICly and OOCly in how to detain people for periods of time. In the normal course of the game, you may find yourself detained in a WJF facility for more than the time mentioned. These situations are few and far between, and typically take place in a cell that maintains SIC, so you are not completely disconnected from the goings-on in the game.

Other situations such as landing in prison are possible, but the time frame for these prison stints is typically accelerated such that you won't be in there for too long, and you are not completely cut off from the game, as you have PCs/NPCs/SIC to keep you entertained.


You can strand people in obscure places, there is nothing wrong with this.


If you have been kidnapped or held captive, and your captor is not adhering to these rules, please xhelp and let us know.

help xhelp
help ic
help grapple
*Last Updated: 09/02/19 by Mench*
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