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Help for 'languages'


The languages spoken in Withmore City vary greatly, but for the sake of sanity, we only support a few such tongues. Players can improve both their character's ability to speak and comprehend a language by spending UE on the study of a chosen language (see also: @newbie - Gaining Experience). The cost of raising your character's skill in a particular language is based on his/her intelligence and present abilities in other languages.

Languages are automatically translated when your character speaks and when your character hears another character speak. All characters speak one language or another and not every character speaks English.

You can change what language you are speaking with the command 'speak '. Be careful. If you choose to speak Farsi but have no skill in that language, we aren't going to stop you from making a fool of your character.

Sindome Currently Supports these languages:

*English is standard English, everyone (just about) has it.
*Farsi is the language common to those from what used to be the Middle East.
*MixMash is the street language common only to the Dome.
*Russian is a Cyrillic-based language with Turkish and Arabic influences.
*Tagalog is spoken by those that survived the holocaust in South-East Asia.
*Japanese is spoken by those from the archipelago of Japan.
*Spanish is the language spoken by those from the Iberian Peninsula as well as Latin America.
*Euro is the street language of European Countries

Please note that the vast majority of characters speak English. We do not allow players who have been in the game less than 6 months to start with a language that is not English. It is too difficult to learn the game and get involved in roleplay when you don't understand what is happening around you.

If you decide to start with a non-English Language:

help stats
help speaking
*Last Updated: 10/26/21 by Mench*
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