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Help for 'leasing'


Leasing is the number one way to get a commercial, retail, office, or industrial space. Most people can not afford to build their own structures, so they pay a monthly lease to operate a business in a building.

Traditional leases are done in square feet or square meters, though in crowded places such as Hong Kong lease space is measured in square centimeters. Withmore City also measures lease space in this manner.

Leases in Withmore City are paid and quoted in weekly installments, with minimum periods of no less than 3 months. For example, you may be quoted on a lease space of 92,000 square centimeters at a rate of 12,000 chyen per week, a minimum term of 12 weeks.

Typically a lease in the real world does not include triple-net (utilities). For simplicity in Withmore, all leases are assumed to include triple-net.

There are some spaces that are leased for a specific type of business. The type of business can not be changed in these situations.

In Withmore City, leased business revenue fluctuates on a monthly basis - the most successful tend to be the most visible and engaged with the city residents.
*Last Updated: 01/30/21 by Mench*
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