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Help for 'look'

Syntax: look
       look in

Show a description of something. You can also use the shorthand 'l' instead of the full 'look'.

The first form, with no arguments, shows you the name and description of the room you're in, along with a list of the other objects that are there.

The second form lets you look at a specific object. Most objects have descriptions that may be read this way. You can look at your own description using 'look me'. You can set the description for an object or room, including yourself, with the '@describe' command (see 'help @describe').

The third form shows you the description of an object that is inside some other object, including objects being carried by another player.

The fourth form allows you to see the long messages for someone's body part. When you wish to admire the finer details of a tattoo or just see that person's bodypart without the full description you can use this command. Example: 'look my left arm'

Certain substances, situations, and cybernetics can affect your vision. This may mean that you see things in more or less detail, or see things that are not really there!

help @describe
help drugs
help inventory
help glance
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