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Help for 'lore'


The lore of Sindome is expansive and has been developed in the over two decades since the game came online, as the actions of characters shape the world of Sindome. Its recommended you take your time and review the lore carefully to make sure you enjoy the game and roleplay correctly to the full extent.

The resources listed below will help you.



You can view lore in the MOO with basic markdown formatting. It is a quick way to review lore without going to the browser, but it doesn't allow easy access to linked (underlined) lore documents, so the web is preferable for browsing around.

You can view a list of lore topics with '@lore'.

You can use the '@read-lore ' command to read lore on the MOO.


In order to edit lore, you must be given special access. If you believe you are cut out for this difficult job, please submit a service request asking to be given 'Lore Editor' status.

Join us in editing glorious new wiki comrade! New and Edited Lore must be submitted for approval and be approved by admin before it will show up on the website. DO NOT WRITE ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER OR YOUR CHARACTERS CHUMS. Topics can be one or more words.

Topics should be focused around:

* world famous people or events
* important places around Withmore
* mega-corporations, well known factions, gangs

View existing lore pages with:


Create new lore topic pages with @new-lore, comma separate the topic and each alias. You can't add a topic if there's already another page with the same topic or any of its aliases.

@new-lore ,

Edit existing lore topics with @edit-lore. Local editing is supported (@edit-options +local). After you save your edit, you'll be able to keep editing the same topic until you're happy with it.

Use @submit-lore to submit your edits for approval by admin. Players will not be able to edit a topic another player has already begun editing (determined by the player who last saved changes that have not been approved by staff yet). Lore pages are edited in Markdown Format. See Daring Fireball's guide on markdown:

@edit-lore     - edit a
@submit-lore    - submit you've edited for approval

@approve-lore - approves & publishes submitted
@decline-lore - declines the lore, notifies player if online, sends *admin moomail with details
Deleting Lore -- Admin Only:

When staff approve of your new or edited topic, you'll be notified and game-help will be notified that the new lore topic has been made official and published to the website. List / Search for existing lore with the @lore command.


You can find our lore editing content guidelines here:

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