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Help for 'mag-lev'


Mag-Lev trains in Withmore City provide access from one sector of the city to another for a certain fee. Check the map on the Grid for where stations are located in each sector or ask in character on the SIC.

A maglev or magnetically levitating train is a form of transportation that suspends, guides and propels vehicles (predominantly trains) using an electromagnetic force. This method has the potential to be fast and quiet when compared to wheeled mass transit systems, potentially reaching velocities comparable to turboprop and jet aircraft (900 km/h, 600 mph).

Mag-lev trains are not the only way to make your way around the city. Vehicles, aerodynes, taxis and even the sewers are all valid means of transiting from one sector to another, though each has a cost or danger associated with it.

help vehicles
help flying
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