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Help for 'membership'


With Sindome becoming a c.7 Not-For-Profit corporation we now have a new system called "Membership". There are two types of Club Memberships, one being "Associate Member" and the other being "Club Member". As an Associate Member, you are entitled to play a single character in the game. You do not have to pay any membership dues. Please remember to follow the Rules of Conduct (@rules).

If you decide to support the game by becoming a Club Member, your membership dues of either $25 for 6 months or $40 for 12 months will go towards the infrastructure and service costs that keep the lights on for our community.


If you chose to become a Club Member, your character will be entitled to receive the free usage of up to a Furnished 3-Room Apartment/Suite for the term of your membership.

This membership apartment will be located in the sector of the city that the admin deem appropriate to your character. Corpies live topside, Mixers in the mix. Remember, having a job topside does not always make you a corpie. Service level jobs are done by Mixers. In the end, it is the admin who decide where your apartment will be, based on what they feel is appropriate to the theme. Your apartment can be moved, if your IC situation changes.


Sometimes it may be necessary for you to change the location of your membership pad. This could be because of the loss (or gain) of a job topside, or because your character needs to change for IC reasons. We will do our best to accommodate these requests, but reserve the right to tell you no, if you request too many reassignments.


1. You must pick and rent a new apartment befitting your character (Mixer -> Red, Corpie -> Green)
2. You must clear your stuff and yourself out of the old apartment.
3. You must put in an @service-request with the old apartment and the new one that the pad should be transferred to
4. In your service request you MUST state that you are moved out of your old apartment.
5. In your service request you MUST state the amount you paid out of pocket for the apartment.

An admin will process the request, your membership pad will be transferred to the new pad, you will be reimbursed (an admin will pay you) the amount of the week at the new apartment, and the old pad will be reset and available for rental by another player immediately.


To review our new Membership Agreement you can use the @member or @membership command in-game.

For more information on Club Memberships you can visit:

To view or upgrade your Membership status from Associate to Club Member you can visit:


Occasional we open up another level of membership which involves a $200 payment and results in a perma-pad specifically designed for (or an existing pad modified for) your current character. Upon death, that pad is freed up and can be reassigned to another person who has made a perma-pad donation, or it can be delivered to your new character.

These pads are time consuming to create and deliver. They require a plot typically, for delivery. Thus, we only open up this type of donation on rare occasions and they are typically limited due to the amount of time it takes for them to be built.

If you break into a perma-pad, you can treat it like any pad in the game and do with it what you will, however, if the character the pad is for dies, then that pad will be cleared out after a few days and returned to the rotation. You cannot simply live in the perma-pad of a dead character, for this reason.

help eviction
help apartment
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