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Help for 'multiples'


Multiple items with the same name on your person and/or in the room require the addition of a prefix to differentiate between the items. We often refer to this as 'nth' as in the 'nth item'.

The command 'count ' will pull up a list of the offending items and their locations (they could either be on your person or the room you are in). This will allow you to refer to the specific item you wish to perform the action to.

Simply insert the relevant prefix into your command, e.g. 'drink [first/1st second/2nd third/3rd] '.

It can get a little tricky when all the items are on you. In this case, it's handy to remember that everything happens in chronological order. If you were eating a slice of pizza halfway and someone hands you an uneaten slice, the slice that you were eating would be the first slice. If you then drop the first slice, it would no longer be the first slice and would become the last slice.

You can also count how much money you have by simply typing 'count'.

help count
*Last Updated: 06/17/18 by Fengshui*
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