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Help for 'peer'

Syntax: peer

Peer is used to look at anything outside the vehicle you are sitting in. It is the equivalent of typing 'look ' when you aren't in any vehicle. For example, if the vehicle is parked in the same room where sits a hanging corpse, you can do 'peer corpse' and you would see the corpse as if you were looking at it.

You can also peer in directions. 'peer ' is a valid command. If you wanted to look at the north, just type 'peer n' and it would work as if you were typing 'look n' when not inside a vehicle.

There is a second use for 'peer': for looking INTO vehicles. If you type 'peer ' and the vehicle doesn't have tinted windows, you will see who is sitting in the vehicle.

Not to be confused with peek! Peek is used to look through keyholes. Peer is used to look out of your vehicle and into other vehicles.

help look
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