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Help for 'perks'


Perks are advantages granted to Corporate Employees, this system replaces the former need to file reimbursement for expenses that your corporation would cover. Each job has a distinct group of perks related to the job responsibilities. This means these perks will not be equally or fairly distributed, as well higher ranks or different jobs will have different perks than others. Some jobs may even not have any perks at all, as they wouldn't be warranted by them. Not all jobs will have their respective perks because not all jobs work through employment terminals; some are paid by NPCs or via character interaction. Certain perks also have tiers. For example, housing discount can be 45%, 50%, or 65% depending on your job rank.

As mentioned above, perks are specific to jobs for example: If working with vehicles, you may receive a perk that discounts your Ethicol. If you work in security, you may receive a perk which reduces the cost of clones or if you work in Medicine you may receive a perk which reduces the cost of your medical aid from NPC doctors. There are many perks that you can gain,

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