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Help for 'personality'

Syntax: @personality

System for viewing and defining your character's personality type using the established Jungian psychology test based on the work of Carl Jung.

Please take this test from the point of view of your character, not yourself. These questions come from the established introspective personality test. The theory behind it states that humans experience the world using four principal psychological functions - sensation, intuition, feeling and thinking, each having one of two polar orientations, giving a total of eight dominant functions. Each question will be about one of these functions and each answer to that question will match one of the two polar orientations for that function. You must answer 10 questions before the results will appear on your @stats, but you are welcome to answer all 88 questions for comprehensive scoring. Please consider this as a tool to help you define your character. If you don't want to use it, simply don't answer the questions.

There are no wrong answers!

Upon completing the test, you can reset the test once every three months, allowing you to retake it as your character progresses.

Learn More:

help introvert
help extrovert
help sensor
help intuitive
help thinker
help feeler
help perceiver
help judger
*Last Updated: 04/27/19 by Johnny*
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