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Help for 'phone'

Grid Phones (AKA Progia's)

The Progia gridphone is a powerful device that allows you to use a variety of applications.

call with progia - to call someone

answer progia - to answer a call

to progia Hello! - to speak to the phone in a way that others in the room can hear you.

-Hello? - to speak quietly into your phone in a way that others may not hear you.

hangup progia - to hangup your phone

look progia - to see your phone, and your number. If you are holding your phone, other people can 'look progia in ' and see your phone, but they won't see your phone number unless they have special cyberware or drugs that are improving their vision.

use [app_name] with : allows you to either use an application's visual interface, or to list the available applications when used without an app name (e.g. use ).
close : closes the current application on the gridphone.
open with : opens the specified application on the gridphone. The use command also opens the specificed application, but launches a visual interface. Open is more apt when used with input.
input with : Inputs a command into the currently opened application.


By default, Progia-11s come with an app store which you can access using the use command. ViriiSoma has worked together with New Light Media to include biometric scanning that detects your open bank account, allowing you to purchase apps. Most apps have a cost.

> use store with

It should lead you through a menu-based system where you can either install or uninstall different applications on your phone.


Most apps should have a help command which you can access by opening the app and inputting help. For example:

> use store with
> input help with

> use messages with
> input help with


Phones are an IN CHARACTER communication method. Absolutely zero OUT OF CHARACTER messages are allowed to be sent on it. If you need to relay that you have to go for a bit, or are signing off, tell the person you are going to sleep or taking a nap as your character.

help gridmail
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