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Help for 'posture'

SYNTAX: posture

There are five types of postures, listed below. It takes time to switch from posture to posture. If you are in offensive and want to go into guarded, you can do 'posture guarded' but upon the next combat round you will be switched to neutral, and the combat round after that, to defensive, and the round after that, finally, to guarded.


If you or your opponent is in the midst of a posture progression and a grapple is begun (either you grappling, or you grappled) the posture progression is paused until the grapple is finished (either someone breaks free or is released).


You can change your mind halfway through a progression and 'posture ' to start shifting to that posture instead, or 'posture ' to decide to stay on your current posture.

You don't attack. You do all you can to defend yourself, and when you see an opening, you try and get a counter attack in. Counter attacks can only occur from a successful parry. This doesn't mean you always counter attack, it's just the requirement for one to occur. **High defense, no offense other than counter attacks.

You attack, but you're more concerned about yourself. Stay back, guard, watch for openings. **Slight increase in defense, slight decrease in offense.

You don't put an additional effort into attacking or defending, you simply attack and defend yourself. **No modifiers to attack or defense.

You lean into the combat a bit more. You want to get a hit in, and when you do, you do it a bit faster and a bit harder than you would normally. You're more open to attacks however. **Slight increase in offense, slight decrease in defense.

You just want to hit your opponent. You go all out on your attacks, not bothering to defend yourself much. **High increase to offense, high decrease in defense.

posture guarded
posture kamikaze

If you attack someone, you automatically start the combat in an 'offensive' stance. Likewise, if you are attacked, you begin combat in a 'defensive' stance.

help combat
*Last Updated: 07/04/18 by Fengshui*
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