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Help for 'posture'

SYNTAX: posture

There are five types of postures, listed below.

*Guarded: You don't attack. You do all you can to defend yourself, and when you see an opening, you try and get a counter attack in. Counter attacks can only occur from a successful parry. This doesn't mean you always counter attack, it's just the requirement for one to occur. **High defense, no offense other than counter attacks.

*Defensive: You attack, but you're more concerned about yourself. Stay back, guard, watch for openings. **Slight increase in defense, slight decrease in offense.

*Neutral: You don't put an additional effort into attacking or defending, you simply attack and defend yourself. **No modifiers to attack or defense.

*Offensive: You lean into the combat a bit more. You want to get a hit in, and when you do, you do it a bit faster and a bit harder than you would normally. You're more open to attacks however. **Slight increase in offense, slight decrease in defense.

*Kamikaze: You just want to hit your opponent. You go all out on your attacks, not bothering to defend yourself much. **High increase to offense, high decrease in defense.

NOTE: If you attack someone, you automatically start the combat in an 'offensive' stance. Likewise, if you are attacked, you begin combat in a 'defensive' stance.
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