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Help for 'power-level'

New Character Power Level
GMs do not want players to start the game with inflated expectations about what their newly-created character should be capable of in the game. New characters have very low stats and skills, no matter what is in their @history, so, try to make your @history account for this.

Build a character who -is- a small one, as of their first day in Withmore, and have plans to make him/her big over time as you roleplay out their growth, progress and life.

A couple of examples:
    - You can't claim to be a CIA trained stealth assassin if your dodge and stealth are at below par and your martial arts are average and you are slow as a snail.
    This means that "high class assassin" is out. But "trained under high class assassin for a few months until high class assissin was himself assassinated" is in.

    - You can't claim to be a PhD-level medical expert if your character can literally not draw blood or get a diagnosis with the tools in the clinics in the game.
    This means that "Chiba City's top experimental cybernetic surgeon" is out. But "undergraduate medical student" or "paramedic" are in.

See the difference? You can not come out of chargen a combat god. Or a medical god. Or a nobel laureate. But you can indicate that you plan to become these things over time through your roleplaying on the MOO.
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