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Help for 'redecorate'


Redecoration of a pad is possible through use of the redecorate command. You will provide a new description for the room, and that will be reviewed by an admin. There may be a fee associated with your redecoration request that you will have to pay before it's processed.

In general, your room description should not include furniture or objects like vases, models or anything artistic that can be made with the art objects provided in game. Essentially any 'thing' that could be interacted with should be left out. Keep in mind that old descs may have things in them that break our current rules (like furniture and such that can now be purchased ICly). Those things will cause a desc to fail redecoration so you will need to remove them during your redecoration request.

A description is the frame of the room, it provides a theme and a 'feel', that you fill with actual objects. We have so many options and objects in game for you to fill a room with, you simply don't need to include intangible and potentially movable decoration pieces in descriptions, generally. There may be some rooms that go against these guidelines, but those were created before the guidelines were updated and will be slowly and overtime brought to standard. If you do find any rooms that do not fit the guidelines, please report it to us via @typo. If you wish to have seating included in your room then you will need to put in a service request as these are exclusive from room descriptions.

Your description will be evaluated on several things:
    - Game Theme (how well your description 'fits' with the game)
    - Feasibility (how easily your character would be able to get it done)
    - Spelling, grammar and comprehension (it has to make sense, right?)

The staff are very busy people, and bugging them to check your apartment's description isn't going to get them to do it any faster in all likelihood.

    - Edit your description in a text editor on your computer before submitting so you don't make mistakes
    - SPELL CHECK it.
    - Use one space after a period, due to the MOO using a fixed length font
    - Check your formatting! If you add weird spaces and unneeded paragraph breaks it will be rejected.
    - Remember that the person before you carefully crafted a description. We want that to live on as much as possible.

    - Do not fundamentally change a room from what it was to what you want it to be. Eg. A cargo container is always going to be a cargo container.
    - Do not include paintings, televisions and other things that show up in your current room description that are actual objects. Those will appear at the end of your room description.

If you have questions regarding the feasibility of something, it is probably not feasible. However you can xhelp to speak with a builder about it.
*Last Updated: 07/12/18 by Mench*
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