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Help for 'rent'


On Sindome, if you want a safe place for your character to sleep, you'll be renting an apartment or cube. There are apartment buildings and cube hotels scattered throughout the city. Sleeping in a safe location is the best way to safeguard your character and their belongings. Sleep on the street or in hideyholes at your own risk!


Cube Hotels are cheap, and less secure than apartment buildings. They typically have a rental console in the lobby of the hotel which you can use to rent a cube. After paying for a certain amount of nights up front, you will be given a cube number and code to enter the room. Proceed to the room. At this point you will need to enter your code to enter the cube (sometimes cubes are already open, because the previous renter didn't close the door).

'push on
'open ' to open the door

'close ' to close and lock the door. 'help door' for more information on doors.


Apartments are typically (though not always) rented by finding an apartment building, entering the building, and finding a specific unit you wish to rent. Each apartment has a door facing a hallway.

'check ' on an apartment door to see if it is VACANT.

'rent ' to rent the apartment. You will provide a weeks rent, and set a code for the door. You can then follow the same steps as entering a cube to get into your apartment.

'payrent ' to pay your apartment rent. If you fail to pay your rent you will not be able to access your apartment. There is a grace period of a few days in which you can pay your back-rent and gain access to your apartment. However, if you fail to pay your back-rent for too long, all of your belongings will be liquidated, and if you are in the apartment, you'll wake up in a city sleeping coffin or on the street.

Closing an apartment door does not mean it will be locked. You must manually lock it with 'lock '. Use 'help door' for more information.


More information on this specific type of living situation can be found with 'help membership'.

help membership
help eviction
help door
help job
help hotel
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