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Help for 'robots'


"Already we have turned all of our critical industries, all of our material resources, over to these...things...these lumps of silver and paste we call nanorobots. And now we propose to teach them intelligence? What, pray tell, will we do when these little homunculi awaken one day announce that they have no further need for us? " - Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

Robots perform functions too dangerous or strenuous for human operators. These human operators are commonly referred to as 'riggers'.

Robots come in many shapes and sizes and can be configured for a variety of tasks. The simplest rigger setup requires a controller and a robot, which must be scanned with each other. This combined with a battery and a combination of core operational parts make up a functioning robot.


A controller and a robot are the two basic necessities in any rigger's toolkit. When a robot is 'scanned' to a controller, it creates a network link that enables a rigger to send commands to their robotic companion. The capabilities of the robot and the speed with which commands can be entered are dependent on multiple skills. See the Rigger archetype on the website for more information.

With a controller (referred to as an RCU or Robot Control Unit) in hand, begin 'use'ing it to enter the interactive prompt to control the robot. Commands are sent to the robot by prefixing what you're typing with an = sign.

For example:
Will send a local command to the RCU to show you the available commands the RCU supports, and the commands the linked robot supports.

Additionally there are additional shortcuts that may be useful when controlling multiple robots with one RCU.
Will switch to the robot at that number.

When a rigger is done using their robots, the controller can be set back down and it will end the session. Only while the robot is 'actively piloted' by the rigger will the robot receive bonuses to its operating stats.


There may come a time that you wish to upgrade, repair, dismantle, or assemble a robot. In cases like these use the following commands:

    evaluate - To see the parts currently visible.
    uninstall from - to uninstall a part from a robot.
    install into - to install a part in your hand into a robot.
    repair - to begin repairing a loose part
    repair - to repair chassis damage to the robot itself.

Some or all of these may require specialized tools available in the game world.

See Also:
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