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Help for 'shotgun'


In Sindome, you will find two types of shotguns: the pump-action and the break-action. Unlike the majority of firearms, these feature step-by-step loading and chambering.

The pump-action shotgun features a magazine tube that can either be loaded one shell at a time until at capacity OR fitted with a magazine to be rapidly loaded using the pump-action. Each pump-action shotgun is fully automatic meaning you will not need to pump the shotgun between shots unless performing a reload.

The break-action shotgun features a barrel breach and must be manually loaded one shell at a time. It can be either fired in single-shot or double-shot mode.

This concludes the guidelines for shotguns in Sindome. As always, it is recommended you experiment with weaponry IC utilizing firing ranges and other combat dummies that allow you to experience game features in a low-stakes setting.

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*Last Updated: 01/19/23 by Mench*
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