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Help for 'simsense'


SimSense is an in game tool for reliving experiences that were recorded by players. Being full-immersion VR, while playing a SimSense experience your body is left defenseless.

SIMSENSE IS NOT JUST A TRADITIONAL RECORDING! It is interactive! Your player is put into a fully realized virtual environment where they feel what the person felt, see what that person saw, and you can 'look' and do other limited commands while in a SimSense experience.


While engaged in a simulation, the avatar you assume the role of has several commands you should be familiar with:

Syntax: exit/stop       - leave the simulation
       play             - begin playback of the simulation
       pause            - pause the simulation
       seek    - moves to the moment that # of seconds in
       edit             - enter editor mode, if possible
       rewind          - shortcut for 'seek 0.0'
       restart          - begins playing from 0.0.
       info             - displays info about the experience

These commands are primarily available to the normal SimSense avatar you take the role of. Additionally, many normal commands still work such as 'look' and so on. While in 'player' mode (non-editor) many functions and autonomy are disabled, including pose.


Editor mode is an enhanced version of SimSense experiences, enabling the editing of and interaction of the world in SimSense experiences. With editor mode, you take on the role of yourself and can observe the experience in third person.

It takes additional equipment to enter editor mode, that must be found out in character.

Editor mode also comes with its own set of commands:

Syntax: commit                      - leave editor mode, if in it
       rewrite - replace a message at second with new_pose.
       cut                 - removes a message at second
The quality of edits depends on the skill of the editor.

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