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Help for 'social_class'


Within Withmore there are two main separate classes (Mixer/Corporate) of citizens and within those two groups a few sub-classes that exist.

Mixer is a term used to describe someone who lives and/or works on the RED Sector.
It is normally used as a term of endearment among the residents of the RED Sector, but when used in any other Sector or towards a resident of another sector it is taken in a derogatory fashion.

A Service Mixer is still on the same level as a normal Mixer with the only difference being that they have secured a job on the GOLD Sector.
They are no better than your average Mixer.

Corpie is a term used by many to describe someone employed as a corporate citizen by one of the many corporations in Withmore.
They usually reside on GREEN and tend to be respected, clean and earn a good wage for the work they do.
Those that work for MegaCorps are given yet greater respect, tend to make more, and sometimes even have greater access than corpies working from smaller corporations.

Those that reside on exclusive Blue Sector, though still corpies, are obscenely rich and powerful.
This, and the way they hold themselves so far apart from the life of the ordinary corporate citizens, truly makes them a social class all their own.
Those that do choose to work, usually work on Gold.

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