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Help for 'social_class'


The Sindome social classes help make the game interesting by dividing the city into 4 distinct physical levels based upon the economic class of that level's 'common' denizens.

Blue - Top o' the Dome. The rich and powerful live and play here. Most likely, if they work, they work on the GOLD level. Crime is basically non-existant and the places are extremely nice.

Green - Below Blue. The place where middle management corpies live. Numerous parks, shopping, and entertainment. Crime here is relatively low and you will have a nice place if you live here.

Gold - Below Green. The Corporate Zone. This place is home to all the headquarters of the major corps along with the main city building, the Withmore Hall of Justice. Corporate security ACDs patrol the area while aerodynes buzz around like they have a place to go.

Red - Ground level. The Mix. Life down here is on edge. The Judges barely come down unless it's to capture a high value target or rescue some corpie who missed her mag-lev stop.

Traveling from level to level is easy at some places and hard at others (depends on the security). As you move about, you'll notice differences in the way the population around you acts and interacts. Those from lower levels will always be treated as outsiders and trash if they travel to a level above their station.

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