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Help for 'space-flight'


Space flight in Sindome is a simple interface overlaying a complicated simulation.


After transitioning to space, a 3D Navigator in your ship will shift to space mode, showing instead your current orbit and a list of contacts.

Navigation in space is done by plotting and executing courses. Using the navigate command to a nearby contact will show the relevant details, and when those details look appropriate, confirming the plan and typing 'navigate execute' will begin your travel.

Details about the current flight plan can be seen by looking at the 3D navigator.


Astrophysics in Sindome are based on a simplified newtonian physics model. What this means is that planets and bodies orbit at semi-realistic values. A lot of these numbers and terms can be intimidating, so some of them are explained here.

ORBITING   : What you are currently orbiting

MAJOR BODY : The nearest major body you are orbiting. (ie: planet)

ELEVATION : Your distance in kilometers from the surface of that body

INCLINATION: Expressed as phi, this is the angle of your orbit

VELOCITY   : The speed at which you are orbiting

TRUE ANGLE : An absolute position of your progress on your orbit, from periapsis.

ORB PERIOD : How long it takes to do one full orbit.

AU         : Astronomical unit, roughly the mean distance from Earth to Sun.

*Last Updated: 01/02/22 by Mirage*
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