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Help for 'speaking'


Sindome has a modified speaking/acting system that limits who sees what you do and say (for the most part) by who you have talked to and who you have addressed.

When you talk, using 'say', 'to' and 'whisper', only those you are addressing will hear you in populated areas. When you act, using 'emote', period pose and socials, only those who you are addressing will witness your actions in populated areas.

You automatically address someone after you use 'to', 'whisper' or any of the socials, or when using their name in a pose or emote. To manually address someone, type 'address '.

Only someone you are addressing can stop you from addressing them. They do this with the 'ignore ' command. This is not permanent, as the person can 'address' you at any time or talk 'to' you.

If you want to address a whole room, use the commands 'speak loudly' or 'emote loudly' to switch your mode from soft to loud. When you move, you will automatically revert to speaking softly. You can also 'speak softly' and 'emote softly' at any point to go back to speaking softly.

You can also shout, this will be heard potentially multiple rooms away, depending on population density and doors between.

shout             - shout VERY loudly.

The people you're addressing and the people watching you will see:
say              - say to those you are addressing (")
emote (:)               - visible to anyone you are addressing (help emote)
pose (.)                - visible to anyone you are addressing (help pose)

to       - say to that anyone you're addressing can hear (`)
                         (note: this will make you begin addressing )

whisper to - whispers to that anyone you're addressing
                         has a better chance to hear than those who aren't
                         (note: this will make you begin addressing )

grin           - a shortcut action, type @socials for the list
                         (note: this will make you begin addressing )

mumble       - mumble something under your breath (help mumble)


To guarantee someone hears you, simply start any conversation with the 'to' command or any @social. Don't ask other players OOCly if they heard you - If they didn't hear you, it's IC.

These commands will help you keep track of things if you get overwhelmed:
speaking                - shows you who can hear your voice
addressing             - shows who you are specifically addressing
watching                - shows who you are specifically paying attention to

address        - begin addressing also address /all for everyone
unaddress       - stop addressing also unaddress /all
watch           - begin listening to 's possibly private conversation
watch all               - watch as many people in the room as you can
ignore          - stop addressing and/or specifically listening to

speak        - begin speaking in a specific language (help languages)
speak/emote softly      - begin speaking at the normal 'person to person' volume
speak/emote loudly      - begin speaking loud enough for a crowded room to hear
                         (note that speaking loud all the time is not a good idea)
@voice me is       - set your vocal description to (help voice)

How To Speak Tutorial Video -
*Last Updated: 07/09/18 by Mench*
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