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Help for 'stats'

All About Character's Stats

Strength (STR)
    the relative measure of a persons physical strength
    Muscle (MUS) defines the amount a person can lift,
    pry, bend, etc.

Perception (PCP)
    the relative measure of a persons general awareness

    Awareness (AWR) is a measure of a person's ability
    to notice things.

    Outlook (OUT) is a measure of how a person sees
    the world.

Endurance (END)
    the general level of how fit a person is

    Stamina (STM) measures how long a person can stick
    it out in a exhaustive activity.

    Toughness (TGH) measures how much a person can take
    before wearing out from physical stress.

Agility (AGL)
    a person's general speed as well as his motion control

    Coordination (CRD) measures how well a person can aim
    a gun or walk on a thin rope.

    Quickness (QCK) is number score of a person's speed
    in all things.

Intelligence (INT)
    all a person's understanding

    Technology (TCH) rates how well a person understands
    technical things.

    Knowledge (KNW) is any knowledge that's not technical
    in nature.

Charisma (CHR)
    a persons general appearance and like-ability.

    Appearance (APR) is a look, be it low like a street
    urchin or high like a CEO of a corp.

    Charm (CHM) defines how a character gets along with

Luck (LCK)
    how often a person's luck might save their ass

Fatigue (FAT)
    a measure of how exhausted a person is

Stats and skills work together. Each skill check which the game rolls for you involves at least one specific stat or sub-stat.

See Also: help skills
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See Also help fatigue
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