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Help for 'stats'


Your characters stats are visible with the '@stats' command. You can improve your stats (and skills) by using '@assign ue' to spend unassigned experience points on stats (or skills). 'help @assign' and 'help ue' for more info on these topics.

Strength (STR)
    the relative measure of a persons physical strength
    Muscle (MUS) defines the amount a person can lift, pry, bend, etc.

Perception (PCP)
    the relative measure of a persons general awareness

    Awareness (AWR) is a measure of a person's ability to notice things.
    Outlook (OUT) is a measure of how a person sees the world.

Endurance (END)
    the general level of how fit a person is

    Stamina (STM) measures how long a person can stick it out in a exhaustive activity.
    Toughness (TGH) measures how much a person can take before wearing out from physical stress.

Agility (AGL)
    a person's general speed as well as his motion control

    Coordination (CRD) measures how well a person can aim a gun or walk on a thin rope.
    Quickness (QCK) is number score of a person's speed in all things.

Intelligence (INT)
    all a person's understanding

    Technology (TCH) rates how well a person understands technical things.
    Knowledge (KNW) is any knowledge that's not technical in nature.

Charisma (CHR)
    a persons general appearance and like-ability.

    Appearance (APR) is a look, be it low like a street urchin or high like a CEO of a corp.
    Charm (CHM) defines how a character gets along with others.

Luck (LCK)
    how often a person's luck might save their ass

Fatigue (FAT)
    a measure of how exhausted a person is


On Sindome, your stats and skills play into what your character is capable of doing in character. First and foremost, Sindome is a roleplaying game and you should endeavor to play to your stats and skills. This means that if your charisma is really bad, your character shouldn't be super friendly or really likable. Playing a likable character without decent charisma is ignoring that your character doesn't have that stat.


When you first create your character, all your stats and skills will have the same cost. As you raise stats (or skills) to a higher level, you will eventually reach 'the curve'. This is the point where continuing to raise a stat (or skill) to a higher level will cost an increasing amount of UE each time you raise a stat (or skill). The curve is specific to each stat (and skill) so reaching it with your STRENGTH will not cause an increase in the cost of any other STAT (or skill).


Strength and luck have only one sub stat (help substats), and thus cost twice as much to raise initially. This is just math, and it is not a bug.


If you are looking for information on specific archetypes that exist on Sindome and in Cyberpunk in general, and some suggestions for stats/skills that they might need, please check out:

More detailed information on stats/skills can be found in the SEE ALSO section.

help using stats
help improving stats
help substats
help skills
help languages
help fatigue
help @stats
help @assign
help ue
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