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Help for 'style'

A Certain Kind of Style ...
Being a Cyberpunk is often about talking the talk, even if you can't walk the walk. The difference between life and death can often hinge on having a certain style and this document aims to make it easier for you to have the style you're looking for. Your style encompasses your general appearance, clothing, charisma, what you smell like, how your voice sounds and the way in which you talk.

Clothing Makes the Man (see also: help clothing)
There are a variety of clothing stores in the Red, Gold and Green Sectors. You can purchase clothing ranging in price from as cheap as 5 chyen up to unique items over 10,000 chyen! If you've got the desire, you can also design and make clothing for yourself and others to wear. You DO NOT need to have skill in artistry in order to make your own clothing, but it will be worth significantly more if you chose to focus your character towards it. By carefully choosing what body parts your clothing covers and what its primary color is, you can more easily control your clothed appearance.

Beauty is Only Skin Deep (see also: help nakeds)
The parts of your body that aren't covered by clothing can be defined by setting your @nakeds, cybernetic implants and tattoos. You can adjust your @nakeds at anytime, set some and not others and shift them on the fly. Many players chose to put knife scars, birthmarks and old bullet wounds in their nakeds as appropriate. Proper tattoos, applied with a tattoo gun by a skilled character, append to the @naked for the body part they've been applied to.

Describe the Details
Your general description (@describe me as ), meant to hold the absolute basics of what your character LOOKs like is commonly used for things like conveying your height, build and skin tone. It's completely optional and some players choose to go without using it. Regardless of you using it, your character always has a 'short description' conveyed when you enter and exit location, and when people look at you. Dynamically determined based on whats most noticeable about you, it might include flashy clothing, the fact that you're holding a weapon, or your purple hair. You can style your character's hair in a number of places. Generally, if you can shower there, you can style your hair. Forthcoming contacts will allow you to change your eye color in the same manner.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness (see also: help smell)
If you've ever had to deal with someone with terrible body odor, you know it affects your judgement of them. You have the ability to control your stench by showering the blood, sweat and sewage from your fetid form when you're nasty. When you're nice and shiny clean, your custom @smell message will come through and everyone can smell the sexy perfume of that last honey you managed to hook up with.

Finding your Voice (see also: help voice)
When others hear you in person, via a phone, radio or TV, your voice and accent are a major part of your character's style. Adjust your @voice as appropriate and consider adapting a regional form of cyberpunk slang if appropriate. Misunderstanding each other often leads to some amazingly fun RP and your voice can add an incredible depth to your character's personality. A southern accent, delicate french words, even hardcore droog and patois make for great style. We'll adjust your speech automatically if your drunk, speaking a different language entirely or too exhausted to ... speak *gasp* with wh..eezing *sigh* for ... breath.

In short, use our tools to make your own style. Bring your unique character to life and you'll have a lot more fun and so will everyone else!
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