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Help for 'taxi'

If you have some money to burn and don't want to wait for a train, a ground taxi or aerocab is your best option short of purchasing your own vehicle.

If a taxi is parked and vacant, there is no need to hail one. Just hop in using the 'board taxi' command. Otherwise, you will need to call one of the taxi companies and request a taxi. Watch the in-game taxi company adverts for more information on this.

Once inside a taxi, your first task is to make sure the cabbie can hear you:
Type "speak loudly" (see 'help speaking' for details)

Any commands addressed to the cabbie must be addressed to him thus:
say "Driver, "

Valid commands are as follows:
-Go to/Drive to/Head over to/Take me to
-How far/How much further?
-Stop/Wait/I'll walk?
-How much gas?
-Where are we?
-What's the chatter?

The commands above should be self-explanatory.
You can also have the driver step on it by using
-Go to/Drive to/Head over to/Take me to fast!
However, this will considerably jack up the price.

You can look outside using the command 'peer' and 'peer '
In order to pay your fare, use 'slot '
Note that the driver will not unlock the cab doors while the fare is unpaid.


If you are unable to pay the fare, you will be booted outside the vehicle and will not be able to hire another taxi until the unpaid fare is settled. This can be done in any taxi. Please note that if another passenger in the same cab has an unpaid fare, the same rules will apply. The delinquent passenger will need to slot the fee themselves in order to have it count towards their debt.
*Last Updated: 11/28/20 by Johnny*
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