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Help for 'time'


Once upon a MOO time ...

The world of Sindome is based in the early 22nd century, 85 years in the future. The time on Sindome advances at the same rate as it does in real life. It is -approximately- 3 hours behind US East Coast time. (-8 GMT) We say approximately because the time in the city is controlled by the technology in the city. If you don't have a device that tells time, your character should use the clues available in the game to determine the time.

If your character DOES NOT have a time device, typing time could quite possibly give you a message stating you don't know what time it is. You are IC, deal with it. If the room you're in was designed with a clock or calendar, it can be setup to give a time when 'time' is typed. More on how to set that up at the end of this file. There are numerous devices that give a time available ICly. So if you want to know the time no matter where you are, buy one. Then the 'time' verb will show you the time it returns. yes, the watch you buy may suck and it may run slow or run fast... again, deal with it, you're IC.

'help timeline' <-- gives you Sindome's timeline

For room owners only:

Each room has a @time message controlled by its owner. Said owner can change that message at will. The following substitutions will sub in different time values. Feel free to experiment as you need.

%all          - inputs all time info
%tz          - inputs the IC time zone
%year         - inputs the IC year
%time         - inputs the current time in hh:mm:ss
%date         - inputs the current date in 'month day, year' format
%month       - inputs the current month
%day_of_month - inputs the day of the month
%day_of_week - inputs the current day of the week

help theme
*Last Updated: 06/17/18 by Fengshui*
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