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Help for 'using stats'


You will use your stats (and skills) all the time. Some of the time you will just be roleplaying your skill, such as a doctor roleplaying examining a patients wounds. Some of the time you will be using your stats (and skills) in coded systems, such as a doctor using the 'heal' command on their medical equipment.


There are numerous coded systems on Sindome that take into account your stats (and skills). These are complex systems that are aware of a number of factors when deciding how successful (or unsuccessful) you are at a specific thing. Typically, stats are rolled WITH a skill. More than one stat might be used to determine how successful you are. Some rolls are capable of using the BEST of a set of skills your character might have.


* If you can, and for how much, you heal someone for with medical equipment (medical skill)
* If you dodge an attack during combat (dodge skill)
* If you are able to drive a car (driving skill)
* Installing a piece of artwork (your best skill out of a set of possible skills)

You will notice that each of these examples was based around a SKILL and we did not mention the STAT or STATS used in the skill. This is purposeful. We believe that learning the mysteries and ins-and-outs of the game is an important part of your experience on Sindome.


There are times in the game where multiple different skills might make sense for the accomplishment of a specific task. In these cases the game automatically determines which skill to use based on the best skill you have available. This happens in the background and you will be unaware that it is happening. The stat or stats used by the skill roll are intuitive and will make sense if you asked yourself 'what stat would I be using in real life if I attempted this'.

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*Last Updated: 01/19/19 by Fengshui*
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