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Help for 'vehicle combat'

Vehicles may engage in combat similarly to how characters will, using the weapons they're equipped with when they attack or are attacked. Different vehicles have a variety of heavy weapons and armor they may equip just like characters can, and will attack in the same general way with misses and hits and damage applied.

    attack    - Attacks a vehicle or character if you are in control of a vehicle's weapons.
    flee - Attempts to flee from combat. This occurs automatically if a flying vehicle is switched off in mid-air.

Vehicle combat differs from character combat in a few key ways, however: Vehicle equipment is not held or wielded, but rather installed on vehicles ahead of time, using vehicle hardpoints which are designed to accept different sorts of weapons or armor. When vehicles and their parts take too much damage, a vehicle may become immobile or non-functional, but vehicles cannot 'die' in the same way as characters, and can always be repaired again.

There are also restrictions on how vehicles can attack and engage in vehicle combat, compared to regular combat. Vehicles can also dodge attacks, though this works differently than with characters and will depend on the vehicle's throttle and movement and other skill factors.


Vehicle weapons work differently to character weapons, in that they must be installed (and loaded) ahead of time to function, otherwise, an attacking vehicle will simply circle its target to no effect. Different weapons mount to different sizes (small, medium, large) and types (fixed, gunner) of hardpoint. Only hardpoints that are wired to a seat (either driver or passenger) can actively use weapons, whereas passive equipment like armor may be mounted to a hardpoint without any control wiring. While OUTSIDE a vehicle a player may:

    install in    - If there is a valid hardpoint, it will prompt the player to choose it.
    load with              - If there is a valid weapon installed, will load ammo from a source container.


You can blockade one or more exits with a vehicle (dependent on your skill) using 'blockade ...'

Blockading an exit will attempt to prevent other vehicles from getting through. People can still move freely through these exits.

help combat
help vehicle
help death
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