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Help for 'vehicles'


There are quite a variety of ways to get around Withmore City (and beyond). You'll find ground vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, skateboards, wheelchairs, RVs, armored personnel carriers and even mech walkers. There are flying vehicles including aero taxis, combat jets, drop ships, cargo ships, air-bladder craft, luxury AVs and even orbital transport ships and starships.


help drive      - How to Drive a Car
help motorcycle - How to Drive a Motorcycle
help flying    - How to Fly
help taxi       - How to Use Taxis


enter    - enter a vehicle's primary (front) room
board    - climb into/onto the back of a multi-room vehicle
                      (note: some vehicles do not have back seats)
exit             - leave the vehicle you're in
mount    - mount a motorcycle in order to ride it
unmount - dismount the motorcycle you're riding


dismount / unmount - get out of / off of a ridden
mount / ride        - get on/in the
wheel to     - wheel a wheelchair thru a series of
push to     - push skateboards, shopping carts, buckets, handtrucks
pack onto    - Load an item onto a handtruck
unpack from - unload an item from a handtruck


install in     - Installs or uninstalls a given part into a vehicle.
uninstall from - Uninstalls a given part from a vehicle.
repair                    - Attempts to repair an uninstalled part. Multiple repairs may be required.


auth/deauth              - Add a user to operate and lock_group permissions, or remove all of their permissions
auth/deauth for - Specify a specific group to add or remove from a specific user.

   - lock_group controls siphoning gas, locking and unlocking doors.
   - auth_group controls authing and deauthing from the vehicle.
   - tow controls authing for the vehicle to be hitched/hoisted by a towing vehicle.
   - operate controls flying, takeoff, and starting/stopping the vehicle.

help drive
help flying
help taxi
help motorcycle
help train
*Last Updated: 01/11/22 by Mench*
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