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Help for 'voice'

Syntax: @voice me is

A is a short two or three-word phrase that accurately describes your character's voice. Examples include 'deep Hispanic', 'angry feminine', and 'squeaky'.

When someone hears your voice for the first time, it will be shown as:

*in a voice*

For example, if your vocal description was 'deep Hispanic' and you said 'hi':

*in a deep Hispanic voice* hi

When you're in the middle of a phone call and you change your @voice, the next thing you say will convey your new voice to the person you're talking to.

You can use different endings on your @voice, for example, Accent, Tone, Drawl, Voice, Rasp, and Cadence are now valid ways to end your voices description.

@voice me is "heavy French accent"
@voice me is "slow southern drawl"
@voice me is "disturbing arrhythmic cadence"
@voice me is "ominous tone"

Changing your @voice to disguise yourself is allowed, but you should do this based on your disguise skill. If you have no disguise skill you shouldn't be using this to completely change your voice, there should be some hint or inkling of your original voice. However, we want betrayal and lies, and mistrust in this game so we leave it up to you to decide what is best for your character with regard to changing your @voice to trick others.

@voice, once it has been set, can not be cleared. You will need to replace your @voice with a new @voice if you want to change it.

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*Last Updated: 02/08/21 by Mench*
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