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Help for 'war-stories'


After discussions among staff, in guided discussions, and after getting feedback from a group of players we have made the decision to officially allow discussion of 3+ year old RP war stories in some circumstances. The full text of the rule is visible in @rules.

As a result of this rule change we have added a new channel called 'War-Stories' which is accessible to everyone. This is an OPT IN channel. @xlisten war-stories / xwar


- I have an IC story I want to tell about one of my dead characters, but I'm not sure if everyone involved is dead or not. What do I do?

You should not tell the story. It would be both time-consuming and potentially spoiling IC information to confirm or deny if a character is dead or alive. At all times err on the side of caution when telling a story like this. Make sure that no details of it are revealing IC mechanics or touching on characters that are still pertinent to the current IC gameworld. Ideally, tell stories only about characters long gone and on events that do not matter to the current IC world.

- I accidentally revealed current IC information on the channel, what do I do?

xhelp or email us and let us know the situation. We understand that this happens sometimes. It is possible it will result in a suspension, but self-reporting an issue (as opposed to the other person or persons reporting you) will show that you didn't mean to break the rule, and that will be taken into account when we discuss a punishment.

- Someone revealed current IC information on the War-Stories channel, what do I do?

Remind the person in question about the rules (if you feel comfortable) and then xhelp or email us to let us know the situation. Please include a log + screenshots. We will tell you what the next steps should be from there.

- Why the change?

In the past we've had unofficial policies around this, but they were subjective, and required admin approval. We wanted to codify the specific rules around it.

We also want to make it possible for people who have been playing for a long time to reveal some of the stories of their successes and failures-- as we think this will help show newer players what is possible, and act as a bit of OOC training on how to think about and execute on plots. This is something that a number of players have suggested, or expressed would help them, without having a negative impact on the current IC world.

If you've got additional questions, please xhelp.

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