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Help for 'weather'


This is here more as info than instruction. Players have no commands to interact with the weather, it is just atmosphere. There are several things to note though.

1. Sindome weather is not entirely random, it has seasons just like the real world.
2. There are several types of weather, ranging from clear skies to hurricanes.
3. Time of day affects the weather messages.
4. The weather can technically kill you... Yes, if you are walking around in a thunderstorm, you could be struck by lightning. The chance is very small, but it could happen. You could also drown in a flood or be hit by flying debris. Not pretty, but hey, neither is life, right? The chance of such types of dangerous weather are small, unless a player affects the weather settings. Since Withmore is a self contained environment, the weather is ICly controllable, you just gotta figure out how.
*Last Updated: 06/17/18 by Fengshui*
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