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Help for 'work'

Syntax: work

There are two topics for discussion here. The first is the common usage of the command work when doing an automated job such as SHI/PRI. In these cases, you are required to work periodically to prevent whomever is supervising from kicking you off the job. This is mostly an OOC safeguard against idlers just sitting for days and days without actually RPing. If you are working at SHI, you can also roleplay over the SIC network or invite others to come and RP with you while you work. Make work fun!

The other topic for discussion is the idea of your character having a job. Sindome is a game and as such, we don't require characters actually put in a real 9-5 day at their job. You should roleplay your job as much and often as possible and is fun. Some jobs have requirements other than simply showing up. Those jobs may involve tasks that require RP. Not all jobs are this way. Please roleplay your job accordingly.


See help weekly earnings cap for more information on the earnings cap and how it impacts you.


Crate runners have a daily cap for how many you can do. For non-members, the daily cap is 1 higher than for members, as members do not need to pay for rent, and non-members do. So the extra crate run offsets the money they would need to spend on rent.

help job
help pri
Video Tutorials:
help weekly earnings cap
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