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Help for 'writing-history'

To make your role playing easier, come up with a history for your character. Your history will allow you to do certain things in the game, such as some of the jobs and involvement in plots and storylines.

Your character's history is very important for how they interact ICly. Not only does it give you reference for how your character should act and how they came to be in the city, but it will also be used by the admin, to get to know your character better for plots, RP situations, etc. We suggest that you first write it in a text editor, look it over a bit for content and readability, and spell check it before submitting. Histories can be denied for being hard to read. Original thought is a must.

Here are a few basic things you should include in your history:
- birthplace and date
- family
- education
- accounts on key events in your character's past
- life goals/achievements
- interesting life events
- does your character have any strengths? faults? weaknesses?
- how did your character acquire the stats/skills he/she has?

There are a few don'ts when it comes to writing your history:

- Any job your character had in the past should be low level enough that they don't arrive at the city thinking that their previous experience entitles them to special treatment in Withmore. You must earn any job you get ICly, by playing, and there may be stat/skill requirements for specific jobs that you won't be aware of until you find out In Character (ICly).
- You cannot have been a Judge in another place (if you are from somewhere with Judges-- see the timeline for more info on this)

Once you have compiled a history for your character, type '@history' to get the history menu. Help on the history system is provided as a menu option if you have any questions about it.

If this feels overwhelming or you don't know where to start, type 'help history-method'. Also, check out 'help timeline' and our wiki ( for information to help you write your history!

NOTE: Use the below help topics to help orient yourself with the world your character lives in.

Other help topics: theme, social-class, timeline.
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