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Membership FAQ

Why must I be a member to play?

With limited resources, membership helps us ensure there is enough for everyone to have a good time. Your membership entitles you to play one character within the Sindome game world, or multiple characters with special permission from a Senior Staff member of the Game, at any given moment in the Sindome: Cyberpunk Roleplaying online game world.

Do I have to pay?

While many community members choose to help defer costs by making a donation to Withmore Hope Inc, a non-profit that supports accessible text-based gaming, anyone can join and play the game for free.

Are there any requirements to be a member?

Membership is open to persons 18 years old or older, regardless of race, religion, color or other protected designation in accordance with California, Massachusetts or United States law, who has not previously been expelled from membership in accordance with our rules and the Sindome: Cyberpunk Roleplaying Rules of Conduct.

How do I donate?

Donations are not made directly to the Game, they are instead made to Withmore Hope Inc, a non-profit corporation which aims to help provide accessible text based games. Sindome is not the only game/developer/community which gets support from Withmore Hope Inc.

What about previously made donations?

Any prior membership or donations made prior to December 11th 2020 will be honored up to the previously advised date. Any benefits offered as part of this will automatically terminate the day after the previously agreed period.

Can I still pay for a Permanent Pad?

Perma Pads are NOT being offered as a donation any longer. Existing perma-pads will always be honored, but no new perma-pad donations are being accepted.

Can I get a pad on Green or Blue as my membership thank you gift?

Your character may be entitled to a pad on Green if the IC circumstances make sense (they work as a corporate employee), however only in rare circumstances are players offered apartments on Blue. If you feel that you meet the criteria outlined in 'help membership' in game, reach out to a Staff Member in game via Xhelp or send an email to [email protected]

Can I sublet my Pad or Perma-Pad?

Your character may only sublet their pad if the pad in question, is not a Perma-Pad.

It is not allowed to sublet an entire perma-pad for profit, subletting a single room may be allowed under specific circumstances, of which you need to discuss with an admin.

Can I donate on behalf of someone else?

While we appreciate the notion, any donations made to Withmore Hope Inc are attributed to the person making the donation only.

Vote Every Day

Love text-based games? Want to donate? Sindome supports Withmore Hope Inc., a non-profit which supports accessible text-based games.

Grid 3.0 Dev

Help test out the still in development Grid 3.0. Please note, its using a snapshot of data from 4/19, so if you created your user after then, it won't exist. Lots of stuff won't work yet including grid node editing, changing your password and signing up for a new user. If it isn't available, it likely crashed and I need to restart it. - Johnny