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Help for '@linelength'

Syntax: @wrap


If the lines you see get cut off at the edge of your screen (you don't have
word-wrap), you can get the MOO to split lines for you. The @linelength
command tells the MOO how many columns you have on your screen--you probably
want @linelength 79--and "@wrap on" tells the MOO you want it to do word-

It's better if you can fix this problem without the MOO's help, though,
because the MOO's solution will be slower than a local solution, and
because not all MUDs are willing to do word-wrap.

If you don't want the MOO to split lines for you, there might still be some
use for the @linelength command. Certain commands, like @who and @check,
print truncated lines so they can print in neat columns. The default for
these is generally about 79 columns, which looks fine if you have an
eighty-column screen. If your screen is a different width, though, you
can set @linelength and some of these commands will react accordingly.
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