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Help for 'channels'


Players have access to the following OOC communication channels:

Game-Help         - Moderated channel for OOC questions & answers,
OOC-Chat          - Moderated channel for safe chit chat with other players
Guided-Discussion - Staff initiated discussion about specific topics limited to
                   one hour at a time (unless extended by staff).
Giphy-Gifs.       - Image sharing, Memes (not x-rated)
Gossip            - Cross Mud Channel with several other Muds.
Politics-Wow      - All about politics
Free-Chat         - MOSTLY Unmoderated channel for unpopular opinions, dead baby
                   jokes, etc. "Where we talk about things xooc doesn't want to
                   hear." this is a place for potentially triggering conversation               
                   to be held, not a place for dumping explicit images and video.

@xcon          - Listen and talk to your primary channel
   xm           - Say something
   xmo          - Emote something (help emote)
   xto - Say something to someone on a channel
   xsocials             - Available channel socials
   xthink        - Think in your channel.
   @xalias       - Use the alias on anonymous channels.
   @rewind             - Rewind the channel, seeing a log of recent messages.

@xlisten     - Listen to other channels or 'last' channels silenced
   xgame       - Talk on the Game-Help channel
   xooc       - Talk on the OOC-Chat channel
   xgui       - Talk on the Guided-Discussion channel
   x - Talk on the

@xonly       - Quit all channels except .
@xsilence - Leave , 'all' or 'player' channels
@xsw*itch    - Change your primary channel to perform actions on it.
@xdiscon*nect         - Quit listening to all channels.
@xgender     - Specify your pronouns on OOC channels

NOTE: You can only emote and use socials on your primary channel. You can also tell which channel is your primary for socials and the xm command by looking at the icon at the start of the message, for example:
[+] at the start of the line means it is your primary.
[-] at the start of the line means it isn't your primary.

NOTE: Some channels support @rewind to review recent discussions. See 'help @rewind' for more info.

help game-help
help ooc-chat
help moderator
help @rewind
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Walk through signing up for Sindome and getting started with your first character!

Video: IC vs OOC

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